Sink mixers

The single mixer tap is a popular choice for its ease of use and streamlined style. We offer mixer taps in a range of sizes, styles and shapes to suit your kitchen or laundry, please browse through our selections to find a mixer to suit your taste.

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  • Phoenix Sink Mixers
  • Nero Sink Mixers
  • Millenium Sink Mixers
  • Arcisan Sink Mixers
  • Axus Sink Mixers
  • Vinco Lead Free Sink...

    Vinco is a leader in innovation and design for Stainless steel tapware products, in both commercial and residential applications. We take pride in delivering health and wellbeing around Australia’s communities and businesses and place the highest standards on manufacturing requirements to deliver this to you.

    Lead is a highly toxic heavy metal, that can have serious health implications, both to you and your family. Vinco is committed to the safe removal of Lead from your drinking water and works in compliance with WHO (World Health Organisation) Guidelines.

    No Fancy expensive filters or running of standing water, Vinco can provide you with hassle-free tapware that completely removes all Lead at no inconvenience to you.

  • Greens Sink Mixers

    Specialty Kitchen Mixers.

    Your kitchen tap is a significant visual feature in your kitchen.

    Choose based on design and function to suit your overall kitchen decor.

  • Ikon Sink Mixers

    Designed in collaboration with renowned European architectural designer and over 20 years of industry knowledge and expertise, Ikon range is a combination of state-of-art technology, functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  • Astra Walker Sink Mixers

    An independent family-owned manufacturer, Astra Walker offers the ideal design solution in both contemporary and classical bathroom fittings.

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