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Bathroom Basins Add Style and Beauty to Your Bathroom

Every bathroom has a wash basin. What might surprise you is the range of different washbasin designs available today.

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• Washplane Vanity Tops

• Glass Counter Top Basins

• Solid Surface Basins

• Counter Top Basins

• Pedestal Basins

• Vanity Basins

• Semi Recessed Basins

• Undermount Basins

• Wall Basins

• Inset Basins

• Glass Vanity Tops

This wide selection of basins enables you to build a functional bathroom and add style and beauty to the end result.


Whichever type of style basin you require for your bathroom renovation or design, we have a stylish and affordable basin to suit.


All the bathroom basins we sell are covered by manufacturer's’ warranty.


Washplane Vanity Tops

We sell the Fienza Hydro range of washplane vanity tops. These tops are made of artificial marble and have a smooth attractive finish easy to clean and maintain.


These vanity tops create space and aesthetic beauty in any bathroom.They are attractive but not designed as a basin you fill with water. You might prefer to look at these vanity tops as a shallow splash area for washing your hands. Our Fienza basins have a depth of 80mm at the rear.


Are they practical? Stop and think when you last filled your bathroom basin with water. Washing machines and kitchen sinks now serve this purpose.


We sell Fienza Hydro washplane tops in three different sizes:

 900mm width with a single tap and splash area.

 1,200mm with dual taps and splash areas.

 1,500mm with dual taps and splash areas.


Combine these vanity tops with the matching Fienza Bathroom Cabinet.


Glass Counter Top Basin

We supply Tech glass basins from the Australian manufacturer Ledin. We carry a range of 8 different basins in different designs and sizes.


These luxury basins add quality and style to your bathroom. You will find basins in glass, stone, and blaze finishes that add a sparkling brightness as feature pieces in your bathroom.


Some of the design themes include:

Onyx (black) shining stone finish in round and oval shapes.

Silver and black glass.

Blaze finish that adds sparkling brightness as feature pieces.

White and black tinted glass finish.


We supply these basins in round or oval shape.


Solid Surface Basins

We offer basin brand names like Fienza, Caroma, and Abey Gareth Ashton.


These brand manufacturers make basins in stone white finish, sunstone, or a resin mix with clay mineral of sedimentary origin. These materials feature a velvety surface smooth and delicate to touch.


Some of the surface characteristics include:

• Cast stone finishes in matte white, black, or red colour.

• White matte finish made from cast stone.

• Black or red gloss finish made from cast stone.

• Solid surface materials that produce fine and delicate lines.

• Sunstone finish from Caroma with aesthetic quality and meticulous detail in matte finish.


Some of these basins have an integrated solid surface pop up waste and towel rail with black or chrome finish.


Counter Top Basins

We offer 50+ products in our range of counter top basins.


Brand names include Galleria. Fienza, Turner Hastings, Tempo, Caroma, ADP, JohnsonSuisse, Gareth Ashton, and Studio Bagno.


Basin materials include ceramic and vitreous china.


Basin shapes include round, oval, rectangular and basins with straight or bevelled sides, straight or curved corners, and curved vessel designs.


Regardless of your preferences, you will find a counter top basin in our large collection that appeals to your taste for shape or colour. These counter top basins are very trendy today and will add a modern style to your bathroom decor.


Counter Top Basins

Pedestal basins mostly appear in public bathrooms like restaurants and entertainment venues.


We offer two pedestal basins from R.A.K.


Made in vitreous china, they feature a two-piece assembly.


Visit our page Basins > Pedestal Basins to see photo illustrations of these basins.


Vanity Basins

A vanity basin is a combination of a bathroom basin and the surrounding storage cabinetry.


We supply the drop-in basin for a bathroom vanity arrangement.


It is made of vitreous china and features standard overflow.


Semi Recessed Basins

We supply semi recessed basins from suppliers like Gallaria, Caroma, Gareth Ashton, and JohnsonSuisse.


These basins are made from vitreous china and suitable for domestic or commercial use. They can be fitted to cabinetry with ease.


Visit our page Basins > Semi Recessed Basin to see photo illustrations of our range of basins.


Undermount Basins

You mount these basins below a surface countertop so that the basin “hangs” below the counter.


They are suitable for solid countertops made of materials like granite, marble, or concrete. They are not suitable for tiled or laminate counters which have weak points.


We supply undermount basins made by Caroma and JohnsonSuisse.


The are made of vitreous china. In the Caroma range, you can select a design with geometric bowl with gently curved depth.


Wall Mounted Basins

We have a range of 20+ wall mounted basins and basin water mixers from brand names like Caroma, JohnsonSuisse, Fienza, Gareth Ashton, Brunetti, Lento, Studio Bagno, and Phoenix Toi.


Some use wall mounted mixers, others have the taps fitted on the basin.


These basins are made of durable vitreous china, or white washed double-glazed ceramic.


The come in different sizes and shapes and are great space savers when mounted against a wall without surrounding cabinetry.


The different design themes available offer alternatives for stylish and attractive bathroom decor for homeowners or commercial premises.


Inset Basins

These basins are the latest trend in modern bathroom decor. You mount them onto a vanity cabinet with half the basin underneath and half above the cabinet surface.


This basin adds a modern and stylistic quality to your bathroom.


To respond to this trend, we stock a range of 20+ inset basins in various shapes and design themes. You can choose round, square, rectangular, oval, semi-circular shapes and designs with square or rounded corners.


It gives you a wide choice for adding a modern and stylistic quality to your bathroom.


These basins come from the same brand names we stock for other types of basins.


Glass Vanity Tops

This is another innovate trend in design excellence and material innovation.


The glass vanity tops have single or dual basins and you mount them on a bathroom cabinet.


The Mambo brand offers two innovative material choices.

• Some use 19mm thick tempered glass.

• Their premium models using a manufacturing process kept as a trade secret. It uses glass and reconstituted stone blended together.



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