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Bathroom Tech supplies Plug and Waste combinations to suit any type of basin or kitchen sink purchased or already installed.


We offer a variety of waste and plug products and the convenience of online order processing and delivery.

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This page lists the different categories of brand name plug and waste products builders and trades people can pick for their needs.


For homeowners and laymen, on the other hand, things may look a bit more complicated if they decide to replace their basin or sink waste. It is something a builder or plumber installed with your bathroom and kitchen sink and you have no need to question its functionality. For this reason, the product selection and installation can get a little complicated.


If you need some explanations, scroll to the end of this page to find information the professional plumbing brigade don’t need.


The Plug and Waste Brands We Sell

We source bathroom products from top European and Australian manufacturers so we can offer the best available choice in design, functionality, materials, and colours.


Our plug & waste products include brand names like:





Waste and Plug Categories to Suit Your Need


Integrated Plug and Waste Units

Integrated plug and waste units suit 32 or 40mm connections, and basins/sinks with or without overflow.


We offer the following range of integrated plug and waste units.You will find photo illustrations and material descriptions on our product order page at Bathrooms > Plug & Waste.


These units are available in chrome, satin chrome, gold plated, polished brass, black chrome, rose gold and matt black.

They allow quick cartridge removal.

Suitable for bathroom basins only.

Available in chrome, satin chrome, gold plated, polished brass, and black chrome.


JamieJ Mushroom Pop Up Plug & Waste Gloss White

JamieJ Mushroom Pop Up Plug & Waste Chrome

JamieJ Mushroom Pop Up Plug & Waste Matte White

JamieJ Mushroom Pop Up Plug & Waste Matte Black

JamieJ Mushroom Pop Up Plug & Waste Polished Gold

JamieJ Mushroom Pop Up Plug & Waste Brushed Gold

JamieJ Mushroom Pop Up Plug & Waste Polished Rose Gold

JamieJ Mushroom Pop Up Plug & Waste Brushed Rose Gold

JamieJ Mushroom Pop Up Plug & Waste Polished Black Sapphire

JaimieJ Mushroom Pop Up Plug & Waste Brushed Black Sapphire

One product fits most applications.

Available in: chrome, gloss white, matte white, matte black, polished gold, polished rose gold, polished black sapphire, brushed gold, brushed rose gold, and brushed black sapphire.


32mm Pop-Up Plug & Waste with Overflow

Harmony Pop-Up Plug and Waste Black

Black on brass finish.

Fienza Matte White Pop-Up Waste

Fienza Matte Black Pop-Up Waste

Fienza Matte Grey

Fienza Matte Black


32mm Pop-Up Without Overflow

Fienza Matte Black Pop-Up Waste

Fienza 32mm Matte White Pop-Up Waste

Fienza Matte Grey Pop-Up Waste

Fienza Matte Black Pop-Up Waste

Fienza Brushed Copper Pop-Up Waste


40mm Pop-up Plug & Waste With Overflow

Harmony 40mm pop up plug & waste Black

Black on brass finish.


Most of the waste plugs we supply come with a 5-year guarantee. See the descriptions that accompany our photo illustrations for details.


The Layman’s Guide to Waste & Plug Products

As a homeowner with limited knowledge of plumbing and bathroom fittings, things like waste and plug, basin hole and drainage pipe diameters, overflow functions, integrated units, slotted or unslotted waste units may seem a trifle bewildering.


Let’s cover the basics to give you a basic foundation on which to converse with builders and plumbers.


What is a waste?

It is the fitting attached to the hole of your wash basin or kitchen sink. It acts as a channel through which water can run away. Its bottom end connects to a drain pipe.


Where are 32mm and 40mm waste units used?

Modern waste plumbing uses 32mm drain holes for wash and hand basins, and 40mm holes for kitchen sinks, bathtubs, showers, dishwashers, and washing machines. The diameter itself refers to the internal size of the connecting drain pipe.


What is a basin overflow?

Overflow is a drain hole situated at the upper edge of a hand basin. If somebody fills the basin but forgets to turn off the water, the excess water is drained through this hole.


Why are waste units classified for use with or without overflow?

Basins without an overflow use a unslotted waste, whereas basins with an overflow use a slotted waste. Except for integrated waste unites, a slotted waste does not fit a basin without an overflow. A slotted waste allows the water to drain straight through.


The following image Drench, U.K. shows the difference between a slotted and unslotted waste.

What type of plugs can I choose?

The traditional wash basin plug was made of plastic or metal and attached to the basin with a chain. You simply plug it into the basin drain so you can fill the basin with water.


Washbasin are more advanced today. Modern waste units include a plug.


Pop-Up Waste. This plug is operated with a lever. Pull it up to lower the stopper, push down to block water flowing out.


Click Clack Waste. Also known as a Push Button or Sprung Plug Waste. This plug is fitted to the top of the waste unit. You push down on the stopper to close it, and push down again to open it.


Flip Top Waste. This plug is hinged on either side. You rotate the stopper to open or close it.


Free Flow waste. These are suitable for shallow basins with no overflow. It allows the water to flow constantly without the basin filling up and causing flooding.


What are Integrated Waste Units?

These units can be fitted to 32mm or 40mm drain holes and basins with or without overflow.

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