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Bathroom Tech offers a variety of brand name bottle traps. We offer the convenience of online order processing and delivery.

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As a builder, trades person, architect, or designer, you will know all about the function and features of bottle traps. However, if you are a homeowner with less knowledge of bottle traps, scroll down to the end of this article to find a layman’s explanation of their purpose.


The Bottle Trap Brands We Sell

We source bathroom products from top European and Australian manufacturers so we can offer the best available choice in design, functionality, materials, and colours.


Our brand name bottle traps include:



 Geberit Diseno




You will find photo illustrations and material descriptions on this page.


Bottle Trap Features and Benefits

Builders fit bottle traps below wash basins to prevent unpleasant gases from entering your bathrooms from the drain pipes.


You can select bottle traps made in different materials, sizes, and colours. Different designs make it easier to match the presentation style of other bathroom products.


In our product selection, you will find several bottle traps that are Watermark approved. This is an Australian standard that certifies the product is fit for purpose. It complies with the Plumbing Code of Australia which requires a certification label issued by an independent authority.


Most of the bottle traps we supply come with a 5-year guarantee. See the descriptions that accompany our photo illustrations for details.


Bottle Trap Material Selections and Colours

To match an existing design theme in your bathroom, we supply bottle traps with the following materials and surface finishes.

Chrome plated brass

Chrome plated ABS plastic

Matte white or black chrome

Black colour on brass finish  


Some of our suppliers construct bottle traps in high quality brass. You will find these products from the descriptions that accompany the photo illustrations.


Colour selection includes chrome, white, and black.


Brand Name Characteristics

It is worth noting the following characteristics of some of our suppliers.


• The Geberit brand is known for its superior discharge capacity.

• The Caroma bottle traps complement our range of wall mounted basins and add an attractive designer look and feel.

• Several of the brands offer variable length adjustment.

• Some of our bottle traps have an optional Kee seal, an accessory that connects the trap to the outlet pipe. It is useful where space is limited.


Bottle Trap Information for the Uninitiated

In case you are a homeowner with little or no knowledge about bottle traps, you may find the following explanation useful.


Bottle traps, also called sink traps, act as a seal that prevents sewer gases from drain pipes to enter the living space. It enables wastewater to flow into the drain pipes but retains an amount of clean water to remain in the bottle trap.


It serves the same function as the trap fitted to toilets, showers, and bathtubs that prevent sewage gases from rising and entering living spaces.


Contact Bathroom Tech for the best available advice on bathroom fittings and decor. We complement our online product sales with project assignments to fit out commercial or private properties. We manufacture custom-made furniture to suit any design theme and space utilisation.

Bottle Traps

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