What to Do About a Noisy Tap

What to Do About a Noisy Tap

If your tap is making an annoying squealing, whining or screeching sound, you may have a minor problem that will be easy to fix. We will explain to you why and how to fix these issues with your tap of faucets.

  • Squealing & Screeching

If you turn on your tap and its making a squeal or a screech, its most likely that the washer, stem or both need to be replaced. These parts can become warn over the years making the washer inside the stem that vibrate around as water runs by it. Usually, replacing the stem, which includes a few parts including the washer, solves these issues with squealing and screeching.

  • Whining

Whining can usually occur from for a couple of reasons and are easy to fix. Whining happens either when you have air in the pipes or when the pipes have a dent. The best way to fix a whining tap is to turn off the main water supply either from outside or if you have, under the tap. Next, turn on the taps hot and cold water to full making sure all the water has flown through and hopefully removing the air pockets. Turn the taps off, turn the mains back on and test you taps to see if they whine.

If your taps continue to whine then you will need to check the pipes for dents and have them fixed.

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