Remer Sphere 600 Round backlit mirror

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Round light up mirror. The stylish and slick backlit round mirror “Sphere” series flawlessly depicts how congruent contemporary and classic can be. Furthermore, the backlit LEDs emit the light outwards creating a soft ambiance around the mirror, which as a result adds space and depth to the wall.

Choose your preferred light colour, warm white or daylight. Whilst it is minimal, it above all brings an elegance to contemporary bathrooms and a sleek sophistication to bedrooms.

Material Aluminium Chassis; Frameless Glass Mirror

Technical Information

Lumens Sphere 600: 990 

Standby 0.4V

Size 600 

Wattage LED: Sphere 600 12.96 Watts 

Input Voltage 240V AC 50Hz

Kelvin Colour Temperature Sphere 600: 3500K or 6500K 

Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 35mm

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